Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I can't believe I've only been here three and a half days. It feels like I've been here for weeks, not in a bad way, but just because our days are so chock full of stuff. This week has been so much fun, seeing old friends and meeting new people. I am myself here, which is wonderfully freeing. Everyone is crazy and open with each other. We have individual devotional time, group devotionals, prayer times, etc. Everyone is so God-focused and willing to serve each other.

I am going to be playing piano in one of the camp's worship teams, which is a scary, new thing for me. I've played in front of people before, but never in something like this, and never in such a spontaneous, winging-it kind of way. I haven't played for so long, and now I'll be playing in front of campers and other staff, with very little practice time beforehand. But I'm very excited to be playing the piano and singing on a regular basis. It is also good because it's helping me to learn chords, which I should've learned a long time ago.

In short, I have been experiencing a few stretching, but wonderful experiences so far and I am so excited for this summer.

For now,

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