Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is quiet?

Quiet is age-less.
It floats in and out of time, like a wisp of cloud on a soft breeze.
It simmers patiently and stirs only softly.
It ebbs and flows like the tide, in and out of consciousness.
It soothes and gently rocks, until all worry has been brushed away.

Quiet touches the senses.
It smells clean like freshly-cut grass or the earth after the rain has washed the filth away.
It feels soft, warm, and safe, like a cozy blanket that fiercely protects one from the harsh coldness of the outside world.
Its only sound is that of the wind as it rustles the long grasses of the wide, lonely prairie.
It pervades life, though not unpleasantly, but like a long-lost friend who occasionally stops by for a visit.

Quiet is the warmth of the sun upon my face, or the stillness of a clear, starry sky.
Quiet is the gentleness of a mother holding her newborn in her arms.
Quiet means peace and hope, and a sense of completeness that we too often go without.

Quiet is one of life’s greatest and rarest treasures.
It protects us and wraps around us, preparing us for what happens when we leave the quiet.
And we wonder, will we ever return?
To quiet. To peace.
To the slowing of time and the embodiment of all our senses in one still moment.
Stillness. Quiet. Peace.

Quiet is the feeling of being wrapped in the arms of the Savior as you stand alone, one a cold, sandy beach, looking up at the heavens, feeling so small.
As you see His beauty and wonder at it all.
Quiet is knowing, with a secret joy, that He did all this for you.
Because He loves you.
Quiet. Peace. Love everlasting. God.

A newborn’s silent cry as it breaks the quiet on a night when the whole world was changed.
As the earth is filled with sorrow, when its Savior gives His life on a painful, quiet cross.
Silence. Quiet. For three days.

And joyous victory as He breaks all bonds of sin forever!
As the world rejoices with song and celebration!
As He is crowned king over all!

And then, a return to quiet.
A calm, steady peace that banishes all weaknesses with a gentle whisper, “You are loved.”
That still small voice that speaks
In the quiet.